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He’s been added to the credits of Will’s EP “This Upward Curve” - backing vocals.

"All songs on "This Upward Curve" were written by Will Dixon, and produced by Tom Milsom, with additional help from Ed Blann.
released 13 April 2012 
Written by Will Dixon, Produced by Tom Milsom.

Vocals, Guitars, Bass: Will Dixon.
Percussion, Additional backing vocals: Tom Milsom.
Additional backing vocals: Ed Blann.”

Listen here: http://willdixon.bandcamp.com/album/this-upward-curve


This Upward Curve - New EP!!!

Published on Apr 12, 2012 by WillsOdyssey
If you enjoyed this EP, please share it with someone else! A lot of work went into it, and I would really appreciate the help with spreading the word about it!

Listen to it free/buy it here: http://willdixon.bandcamp.com/album/this-upward-curve

Follow me on twitter: http://youtube.com/willsodyssey

I would also like to thank Tom Milsom for producing these songs for me; his patience and expertise is second to none.
WillsOdyssey Will Dixon This Upward Curve EP Acoustic Rock
Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)

It is REALLY good, and Tom at the end :)

Ed at :36 :)

PENDULUM - Propane Nightmares (Acoustic Cover by Will Dixon and Eddplant)

Uploaded by WillsOdyssey on Mar 1, 2012
Stayed at Ed’s house last weekend and bashed out this cover, along with a cover on his channel! Go check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDExzggQsbE
eddplant will dixon will dixon Pendulum Pendulum (band) Propane Nightmares Bass Drum Cover Jungle Acoustic Guitar Remix
Standard YouTube License

Eddplant - Plug In Baby feat. Will Dixon (Originally by Muse)

Uploaded by eddplant on Mar 1, 2012
My friend will came over and totally schooled me on the guitar so we thought we’d cover some songs!

Check out our version of Propane Nightmares on his channel (COMING SOON): http://youtube.com/willsodyssey

16+ Show in London @ The Bowery, March 10th

All ages show w/Greg Holden @ St Pancras Old Church, April 26th

Twitter: http://twitter.com/eddplant
eddplant will dixon will dixon Plug In Baby Muse cover acoustic live guitar
Standard YouTube License

Oh this is great! and a Pendulum cover coming!
Have you head the EP they did together? tremors in the banister


Eddplant (With Will Dixon and Dan Clark)


Eddplant (With Will Dixon and Dan Clark)

Will Dixon - Run for the Border
Track: Run for the Border
Artist: Will Dixon
Album: Tremors in the Banister
59 plays
59 playsDownload

Run for the Border - Will Dixon
On Will’s bandcamp: “Run for the Border was actually one of the first serious songs I ever wrote, and an early version of it, entitled “Rumpelstiltzkin” was the opening track of my first demo album. ”

The track art for this song was created by Eddplant.

If I guess your name will you save me?
I’ve read about you before,
Pull yourself together man,
You’re needed here once more,
If I guess your name will you save me?
You can do this job with ease,
Spin my brain if it looks too plain,
Build me gild me please,

Give me some water and I’ll run for the border,
And I won’t take a breath until I’m there,
Give me some water and I’ll run for the border,
And I won’t take a breath because it won’t be fair,

Fall at the beginning,
I’ll never fall behind,
You’ll help me through it all I know,
You’ll help me through my mind,
And I think I’ll figure out the finer things,
A little later on,
For now I’m made of golden shade,
But I only put it on.

Vocals, Guitar, and Mandolin - Will Dixon
Backing vocals and percussion - Tom Milsom
Backing vocals and track art - Eddplant

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